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purnima P
@purnima04 · 1:11

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies encouraged or banned?

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It cannot be going up by 20% in a period of six days and then come down by 20% in the next five days. As the author and the philosopher nasism Nicholas Taylor tweeted on February 12, with regard to bitcoin, the currency is never supposed to be volatile and what you buy and sell with it. What's your POV on cryptocurrencies? Should it be encouraged or banned?

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Krishna Telang
@Krishnaroxs · 3:37
That is, if nothing major happens, nothing totally catastrophic happens, like a war or something like that, the currency will be stable, it will have a specific amount, it will not go up or down by a huge margin unless you hit with a calamity or something like that. But the good thing about cryptocurrency is that it goes up and down, that's weakness and feature as well. Like for example, you bought that currency when it was very low
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