Devang Sethi
@PunjabiWanderer · 4:16

My Greenland Adventure

Well, now let's talk about the picture. So this picture is from Greenland. I'm standing on frozen sea, and behind me is an iceberg. And in front of me there are Greenlandic dogs, special dogs, which are used to pull this ledges because that's the mode of transportation over here. And then I'm wearing a polar bear pants and the sealskin jacket. The gloves are also made of seal skin

Greenland is a whole another world in winters ! For more visuals you can watch my YouTube videos

Mridhu B R
@Mridhu_B_R_ · 0:20

Wow 😲!

Hi, Devang, thanks for sharing this story. Actually read my mind. It kind of shocked me because, wow, that is what I felt immediately after I saw this picture. Such a beautiful Crick. And everything that you've described is it makes me want to visit all these places. And I'm looking forward to hearing more stories from you
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 0:52

Love it and can’t wait to hear more!!

So I've seen, like, fake snow, and I sort of have an idea of how it is, but I've never seen real life snow. So this picture is so intriguing to me. And yeah, I can't wait for your other travel stories. This is so awesome. And you definitely got a follower here
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Malaika Stanley
@malaikathoughts · 0:24
Hello. This picture is so cool. It looks like it could be, like out of a magazine or like in a documentary or something. It's really cool. And actually, I think I've watched the movie that you talked about. Now I'm forgetting the name, but I think I've watched it the one about the dogs. And I hope that that trip was cool for you. I think it was because I can't imagine it not being cool. And the photo is awesome