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Psy Speaks
@Psy_Speaks · 4:48

You Can't See Your Own Greatness, Because You Can't See Your Nose: Late Night Thoughts 💭

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It goes deep. Why you're in this space, in this reality, in this world, to feel like you're not good enough. And I had the thought that something so simple, I'm just like the reason you can't see your own greatness is for the same reason you can't see your nose. It's such a part of you, and it's d*** near invisible to you until you look at a mirror

Up late having thoughts about why we can't see our own nose and what that means about your perception. #advice #selftalk #selfperception #latenight

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Mike W
@Scribe7 · 4:59
The way I was taught it or wherever I got it from was you can't see the picture because you're in the frame. Meaning that you need someone that you trust that's from the outside and has that outside view that can pull you coop or pull you out the frame and say, look, you screwing up, something's wrong here
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