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Professor Z

 · 2mo ago · 4:54
Arrival Fallacy

"…Own personal fitness which I've mentioned briefly in past wells financially creatively with relationships it's almost like you're too competitive and everything is just competition and I don't know if I even really make sense to some people or whether this swell even makes sense but I am speaking at this time from a genuine state of mind.…"

Never satisfied and always wanting to one up yourself


J.L. Beasley

 · 2mo ago · 4:59

"…And then I achieved it. And it was I mean, h***, I'm graduating with my doctoral degree. This was 2018. I remember I invited certain close family. I'll leave them titleless, and I'm having to the graduation was in DC. Now, we know DC traffic. If you've ever been to DC, the District of Columbia, for those who are not part of the United States, the traffic is horrendous. Okay?…"

Swell Team

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