Productivity: Why Visualization Works

You really visualize yourself in that place and feeling everything that you want to be feeling in that moment. And I'll use another example. So last year when I decided to leave my previous job and again, it was a non tech position, I'd never worked in tech, I'd never worked for a startup. I was in digital marketing. And to be quite frank, in that role, it really didn't feel like I measured up to the role that I had

Sharing examples in my life that demonstrate the power of visualization and really simple techniques to try 🔮 #visualization #productivity #dreams

Bruno Pavlicek, PhD
@MotivateMeU · 2:11
Hi, Christine. How are you? My name is Bruno. I was listening to your swellcast with definite interest. I teach as an adjunct for college and also am involved with consulting as far as college students are concerned. But one thing that I try try to impart upon my students is I tell them, listen, you have a lot of balls that you have to juggle in the air in life
Kristine Phan
@productchibi · 2:24

@MotivateMeU the more you visualize something, the more you’re affirming what your true desires are 🎯

Hey, Bruno, it's really validating to hear that this is something that you teach an entire course on. I think another thing to point out is that the more you visualize something, the more you're affirming to yourself that that visualization is your ultimate goal. It's your true desire. It's really what you want. But I do understand, I mean, for a lot of people going through really difficult things, it can be hard to do something as simple as visualization