Virgin Mother

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Greetings to all. Hi. This is Pratima Raj, author of Virgin Mother. Virgin Mother is a novel. I would like to read the blurb to you all. Here it goes. Kishore Khanna, a farmer, lived with his family in Minapur of Bihar's Muzapurpur district. He had taken an abrupt decision to shift to Patna city with his wife and twin daughters and Sunaina. Naina desired to become a doctor and Sunaina a civil engineer due to financial constraints. Sunaina joined college a year later

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Challa Sri Gouri
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Hi, Pratima. This story is really something different. And after listening to the first few points, I was feeling like, what happens next? What she'll do next? So this is something very interesting and very exciting too. So surely I'll go through this and I'll let you know how I felt about this particular story. Thank you so much
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