Indian democracy is dying. Here is why I believe that...

Hello guys. According to me, democracy is dying as all political parties are fighting just to satisfy the ego and control all the mostly all social right to show their positive sides. It was good to give right to SCSTs but now they are taking unfair disadvantage which is creating problem for mostly all general class people. Bumps

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chetan kannangar
@PopcornTamasha · 1:27

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It's all about how you get mileage the sad part about indian democracy is that it is totally biased the rich are becoming more richer the poor are becoming poor Modi promised crores of jobs has that been delivered? No but do people question him? No they don't in fact the media also is afraid to question him the PM cares fund which was created during COVID it is not even subject to an audit it where the funds are going who is giving the funds?