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Durga Puja gets UNESCO Heritage tag

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Puja gets UNESCO Heritage Tag UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage Site it is a matter of great pride and joy for every Indian. Durgapuja highlights the best of our tradition and ethos. Now you might be unfamiliar with the word Intangible. You all know that UNESCO whose headquarters are located at Paris, France, who gives cultural heritage site tag like Redford Hawa, Mahal Highfeld tower et cetera. But what is mean by the word Intangible? Tangible means that we can touch for example mobile phone, table, chair et cetera


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Hi. So I hope you're doing great. And this well is so informative. Like, I didn't know about this earlier, but being a journalist student is gonna help me a lot in my future. And Indian festivals are amazing. And being an Indian, it's really a proud moment for us. So thank you so much for sharing. And this is one of the amazing specials now. Thank you. Bye
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Also Dugapuja is one of my favorite festivals and I'm not from Bengal but yeah I have Puja once and I really like that and also result Indian festivals are great, no one can compete with them. Thank you so much for sharing this and hope to listen more good content like this from you and thank you so much. Bye