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Bedtime Stories for You All ❣️- Story 6

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The village folks admired his skill and sought his advice on cultivating their own gardens. And Samson was always eager to share his knowledge and passion. But as the sneakers turned, drought settled upon the land. The once fertile soil became dry and cracked and the flowers wilted under the scorching sun. Samson tried everything in his power to save his beloved garden. But all his efforts seemed in vain. Feeling disheartened, he sought solace under the shade of a majestic oak tree

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Geetika Kaushal
@Gkaushal6 · 0:15
Hey, Pragati, hope you're doing great and very calmly have narrated the whole story. I really liked it and just keep going. All the best. Good night
Shashank Singh
@Jordan1 · 0:15
Amazing story. Pragati, you have a very beautiful voice along with a beautiful face. And keep posting, keep entertaining us with a strong message. I really like that post. Thank you very much. And keep enlightening us with your thoughts like this