this i try? to speak? like? celibrity? because it is a feel of a celebrity? to just se? anything? in? public? i have? never going? to opportunity? because i want agevedanythingg? for? which i have to speak? in? friend? of? infrेnटऑf? odeon? se? so? okay? guys? wishmilogand? ke blisnigokamy?

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Nidhin George 🔷
@geo_rhymes · 1:18


you not a good speaker? or you don⁇t? speak? like a celebrity? the intention is not to emitted? someone else? the intentions to be genuin? for yourself? and i think? you doing? a very good jover? that in what? i heard also to haps? now? you can try telling? your sell? that im a great speaker? and who knows you just? might? be? but welcome to swell? he was a very genuin and onest swell that you did her?
Navya Dadala
@Navya_nandu · 1:35


hi? palaviwelcome? to swell? and i could? totally? related? to you? because? if you see? my you know? description? in my? interdection? description? dio? swell? which have? posted? i have? posted? that time? intrertaswell? and i also have? kind? of starting? problem? talking? so? this i have? also? join? just? to practice? like? you? and to open up? more? i completely? understand? that okvordnusandhisitasion? you had? welyuweretalking?