Because keep in mind, the loan forgiveness program only forgave $10,000 to $20,000 for most student loan debtors. They have in some cases upwards to over $100,000 in student loan debts, either because they just graduated from college or they've been out of college for a number of times for number of years. But it costs so much to go to college now that they have to run up large debt just to be able to go. And these individuals are trying to better their lives, better their futures
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:59
Just to present another angle on student loan debt. It was always shared with me that college, and I graduated from college in 2003, my undergrad, my Master's in 2006, and my doctorate in 2018. But it was always presented to me that college was expensive. My parents very early on that they did not have a college fund set aside for us. They lived paycheck to paycheck