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If you don't like it, fine. If you don't want to go see because they recasted the person differently, that's your prerogative. I remember one of my favorite science fiction TV shows from the 70s, battlestar Galactica was remade in the early 2000s. They made some critical changes in the cast. Colonel Ty in the original was a black man. Colonel Ty, a new one was not. He was a white man. Starbuck in the original was a white man
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That was that whole, like, red white outfit that he wears. This is going so off topic, but, you know, comes from Coca Cola branding of the 50s. It's not necessarily what St. Nick or the origins of Santa Claus did not start off that way. So that's a character that was changed. No one seems to get upset about that. Obviously, I lost my train of thought because I started talking about Santa Claus, and that's insane
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@phillyclint Represtation is needed. This movie is so validating.

She's like, me. And that's so validating for them. They're so over the moon. And then the mother comes out and she's yelling at her mother because there's obviously three generations in the household. And she's like, Look, Mama. She's black. She's black. And I thought it was so moving. I never cried. I was like, my God
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@phillyclint Prey

Hey, also, I forgot to add, I saw another movie recently, Prey. Have you seen it? It s the latest version of Predator and it s quite different in lots of ways, but it's still obviously following the same theme and plot of Predator. It's set in but it's set in America in 1800s where it was completely populated by American Indian people. And the whole cast is Kamanchi. The whole cast that plays every character in that movie has come unto you
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Same thing with Fresh Prince of Belair. And they changed beyond vivs from one season to the next. And it was like, oh, man. But I used to look like this versus like that. So I understand characters change for availability. Maybe they work on going to another project. The producer wants to go a different direction. There's so many different reasons. And I don't work in film, so I can't list them accurately or all in their entirety