phil spade

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What Sports Team(s) or Player(s) are you most passionate about?


"…One of the things in life that we're you you you you most passionate about and athletes that we root for and sometimes against. I'm curious, what are those sports that you love talking about? What are those sports teams that you're most passionate about and who are the athletes that you either love or love to hate? I will tell you mine my favorite sport. I love horse racing. I could talk about it all day. I also love any College sport, but especially College football.…"

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Rehan Shah

@ririshah · 6mo ago · 1:50

"…And there's this athlete called Sachintendor. He's been one of the pioneers of cricket in India. So I started watching cricket when I was young with my dad. And he's, like, the first part that I watched and watching him play really got me into the game. The only time I ever took a break from the sport was, like, when he retired, it was very sad for me. But now I'm back.…"


tay hendrix

@taythepisces · 6mo ago · 1:04

"…So I'm not a huge sports person, but the one sport that I grew up always wanting to watch was women's gymnastics. Like, during the Olympics, I grew up doing dance and gymnastics. So being able to watch the women at the Olympics, it was just so inspirational. And us was always like, crushing it when it came to women's gymnastics. So I remember watching Carly Patterson in the 2004 Olympics and I was literally five years old, and she just amazed me.…"


Cassidy Waterson

@cassidywat · 6mo ago · 3:31

"…So I was right behind every game, banging on the glass, getting to know the other team's goalie and letting them have a piece of my mouth. But I don't know, I even felt like some of the players knew me because I was so crazy at the games. But every week me and my dad would go and just have the best Tuesdays, Thursdays or if it was on the weekend, just best nights of our life going to these games.…"

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Taylor J

@Taylor · 6mo ago · 2:13

"…I've had some of my greatest moments with this club. I've had some of my greatest friendships with this club. I have a couple of tattoos, so I'm in it for life, but I just adore what they call the beautiful game. And Arsenal is a team that has a tremendous history. The only team to ever go invincible. They did not lose a single game throughout the season. Man. Favorite players.…"

Kevin Mc

@theeKMc · 6mo ago · 2:12

"…Also a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and mixed martial arts. Starting to get back into mixed martial arts. Was a big fan when George St. Pierre was fighting. A big fan of his. Just a very class individual in the Octagon and out. He retired a few years ago. Hall of Famer Canadian icon. Yeah miss him in the Octagon, but I'm starting to get back into it. Like in what I'm seeing from Israel adsanya Kabaro, Uzmann. Those guys look pretty solid.…"

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Eh San

@Ehsan · 2mo ago · 2:13

"…Hello. So what I would like to say is that I'm a huge soccer fan and I support Liverpool Football Club and Phil. I like football very much. Soccer has formed a big part of my life till now, and it's not going to end soon. So it's a big love stories between myself and soccer. First and foremost, I'm a fan of soccer, being a fan of Liverpool Football Club.…"

Nikeeta Sharma

@NikKavi · 2mo ago · 2:03

"…And my favorite cricket player is touching Tendulkar, obviously. And the current lot, Royce Sharma and Virat Kohli are players to watch out. Apart from cricket, it's definitely tennis. Like you also said, the big three. But I have my top three in proper sequence. I love watching Nadal play. He's an amazing human being as well, on and off the course. So Nadal second is Pedro. And these three are amazing. Simply amazing.…"


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Zachary Hillard

@Chief2 · 1mo ago · 1:48

"…If the Yankees make it to the World Series, you are going to get a swell from me about that and I'm going to be psyched about it and even more so if they win, you're going to get another swell about that, for sure. But yeah, those are my three that I like. Like I said, football, basketball, baseball and wrestling. That's kind of what I do. And so, yeah, thank you.…"

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