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phil spade
@Phil · 2:18

Soccer's Biggest Match Today: Luton Town vs Coventry City

article image placeholderLuton Town vs. Coventry City: Soccer's 'richest game' offers winner of play-off final a $360 million Premier League jackpot | CNN
With the premier league all but decided with Manchester city on top. All eyes are on the bottom of the league with this championship game today between Luton town and Coventry city. The winner of this match will play in the premier league next year. Now what's special about this is these teams both were in the fourth tier of English football not a couple of years ago. So this is an absolutely huge move, like a single a baseball team going into the major leagues

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:29
I don't think that Luton is going to win the Premier League, but being on that stage age is pretty big. You will start seeing people supporting Luton because of the underdog story and I just think that you can't really discredit that a team that's been nowhere near the Premier League suddenly joining the top dogs in the world, I mean, it will have effect on their fans both in England and abroad
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