phil spade

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Tom Bradys Avocado Ice Cream


"…Over the weekend, I made Tom Brady's famous avocado ice cream. I found the recipe online, and I really wanted to try it because I know what a fanatic this guy is about his health and his diet. And I've read where this is the only treat that he allows himself. And it's not so much a treat as what he calls a modernization of what healthy ice cream could and should be. So I thought, you know what?…"


Indy Rishi Singh

@MysticScientist · 6mo ago · 0:06

"…I just want to make sure that is the ice cream deflated, or will it be fully inflated.…"

Jared Bogda

@JCB07 · 6mo ago · 1:19

"…I think the prices are going up with the trade embargoes with Mexico for what I've heard, at least. So if you do have an avocado tree, you might want to hold on to it because you might be able to sell your avocados for a lot more money than you used to anyway. Interested to hear what other people have ideas on for different flavors of ice cream.…"


phil spade

@Phil · 6mo ago · 1:58

"…And then I slowly added the rest of the ingredients in. And I found, as I slowly did that, put it in a little bit of a time, blend it, little more, blend it. That worked. That brought it to a nice, fine, creamy texture. It almost looks like brownie batter. And I just took a few individual size containers, split it up into six or seven containers, put it in the freezer, and I'm good to go for the week.…"

Update! 2nd time through much better!

Mark Francis Rahaman

@MarkR · 6mo ago · 4:03

"…So I've been to the doctors and sorry, he's given me 1 second. They had described me antihistamines, a daily dose of antihistamine. And he just said, just take it. Just take the and so the thing is, that's what I've been living on antihistamine for years. And I worked with a nutritional therapist just recently, about six weeks ago, she had a detailed questionnaire. And we've gone down this route first instead of testing.…"


@paolomcm · 5mo ago · 0:58

"…Hey, Phil, coconut meat would just be, yeah, you got it right. It's just the inside of coconut. Usually a young coconut. Or that's usually what I use for dishes whenever I need coconut meat.…"

Mike Competillo

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"…This is my very first time using swell. But I saw someone talking about ice cream and that excites me. I just have to say for many people who are trying to eat very healthily, I sometimes eat yogurt, but nothing compared but except one thing I had found. There's a yogurt available called Faye. It's spelled Fage and it is a Greek yogurt.…"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

phil spade

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"…And I don't know why that is, but any time that I've gotten the stomach flu or food poisoning, it's the last thing that I ate that I just cannot touch. And that's what it was for me, unfortunately. So maybe fortunately, it is kind of a pain in the b*** to make. So I'm not going to cry too much. Yours sounds much easier. So I'm going to definitely try it and see where we go from here.…"

@Booey timely recommendation!

Tom Bradys Avocado Ice Cream

@Phil · 6mo ago · 2:48


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