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Energy never lies ✌🏻

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You know what? One thing that I have learned in my life is that energy never lies. It's very important to know about the energies that surrounds us. Be it a situation, a place, or a person. They are either going to drain you or they will inspire you. You have to choose them very wisely. So it's important to surround yourself with people who are vibing higher than you. Be around people who are feeling better than you are. Energy is contagious. Good luck

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 1:09
But someone who if that person really has that sort of positive energy towards me, that, yes, that person wants me to do great in life, do good in life, I think that eventually spreads to me and also that person themselves. And then I guess it betters the situation for for both of us. So I guess it's a two way process. And yeah, energy is indeed an important concept
Rakesh Kumar
@RakeshKumar2023 · 1:32
You, definitely. I agree with you that energy never lies. Obviously, when we have energy so it is sown in our action, it is sown in our behavior, anybody can feel it. And when we don't have energy so we are low, we are like discharged and like mobile phone but when we are full of energy, anyone can feel it, anyone can notice it. So ma'am, you make nice videos but I would request you that please try to make longer videos
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