preethy uthup
@peeli · 3:22

Aaj jane ki Zid na karo

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hello misewelcast friends to do if feel like seeing a song for you i hope you re like it its a song which is very close to me highly romantic and its a song i really really like हज जाने क-स-द-न करो, आज जाने की सदा न करो, यूँ ही पेहेलू बैठे रहो, यूँ ही पेहेलू हमे बैठे रहो, आज जाने की जिद न करो, आज जन की जि। द न करो, यूँ ही पेलू बैठे

A karaoke by me. Hear it with earphones

Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:54
my voice s i dont know how it is sounding so probably know it s probably sounding really bad but i thod i should respond on this one thanks so much baby
Gunjan Joshi
@Bibliophile · 0:33


good morning preeti you ve come up with the yet another beautiful creation of yours your voice is so melyfluarsinet and equally per your sentiment with with you are singing the son you know any kind of art manifictdepority of your heart and your artist clearly manifestingththe inosens and the polity of your heart so you have a great sunday had very beautiful song keep singing by by।