preethy uthup
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" Culinary connection "

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Good evening my svelcast friends. Today I bring to you a very special edition of culinary collection. A podcast where we explore memories and flavors that tie friends and food together. Isn't it exciting? I'm pretty here and I wanted to share a special incident that happened recently and just want to narrate that. Our story begins with a change of plan where my friend Lulu from Italy has come and is here now

Bon Appetit

Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:34
Hi, Peeli. So I'm glad to hear some more culinary swells from you. And Pesto is one of my favorites. And pesto pasta has to be extraordinary. And I'm sure this recipe that you spoke about must be amazing. I can probably, you know, smell the aroma here. So thank you for sharing this with us and hope to make it soon. Take care. Bye