preethy uthup
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Saras world - A short story

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Although today she sits alone, reminiscing about the past and contemplating plans with her dear friend Shashi, the coffee surrounds her with warmth and a sense of community, a living tapestry of her life and interactions. Her bucket list dreams are as vivid as ever, and a connection with Nero and the anticipation of a conversation breath life into her routine. In this image, there is harmony in the simple exchanges of the unspoken bond between Sarah and the dog Nero, and in the sullies of the familiar

Sara embodies the celebration of every day life !

P C Bala
@PCB · 0:24
Beautifully narrated. Peeli allowed that you mentioned that a life was lived well and very nice. The ability to spin a small story or a narrative based on what you see is actually an art. Well done. Keep it up
Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:16
Prithi, you've described it so well. You know, I feel that I can visualize the entire scenario right in front of my eyes. And that's the beauty of your words. So thank you so much for sharing this. Have a lovely evening. Lovely day. Bye
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:51
And always, I really love the way you actually relate the experiences and create something out of it and share with all of us. That's really amazing. That's the best part of the things that you share with us. Really loved it. Thank you so much