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Life’s lessons taught from my Kayaking experience yesterday

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So it was just a little bit of water, but more of mud. As such, it was at this moment of uncertainty that a pivotal encounter occurred and a kindred spirit, a fellow kayaker offering words that would resonate deeply within me. Ma'am, it's all fun. Look at this as a game of resilience against resistance, she remarked with unwavering optimism. And her infectious laughter and unwavering threats become a guiding light through darkness, sparking a newfound sense of determination within me

Life lesson 2023

preethy uthup
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And I felt that at that point that I can still do it. And all my training really came into the thing. And within about no time, I would say, because your mind plays a lot of role when you want something. So I really did the kayaking, got to my destination in no time and got out but my life. I feel that this was an epiphany for me, and it was a total transformation that it gave me the biggest lesson for this year
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I wish that the new year brings you great happiness and a lot more more adventure and great experiences so that you can create more good memories. Take care. Bye
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Welcome to Swell!

Challa Sri Gouri
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So thank you so much preeti for such a mind blowing and amazing swell through which you have shared how experiences can be your learning buddies. Thank you so much Preeti. Have a great day
Gunjan Joshi
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The best part of this post was that you were able to notice and you were able to praise the beauty, the subtle and profound beauties of nature while you went to this adventurous Gunjan. And also you highlighted the significance of fear and apprehensions to be well prepared for the unforeseen. And some of my friends are from forces, so they've taught me that fear and apprehension are your greatest strength in combat when it comes to preparing for the unforeseen