Hi, I'm Puddle Peaches, but you may call me Peaches. And what do I have to say? Well, a lot. Some may say a lot resonates and some would probably prefer I didn't say so much. But I am who I am and I'm happy with who I am. And being who I am is somebody that speaks up, speaks out, and does it probably now, definitely loudly. I speak my truths and I'm transparent about my truths

Well alot!

Ty Dobbs
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S essentially was the message saying how in the face of challenges, we can always find something that's beautiful and something that's worth learning from. And hearing your swell here really kind of reinspired that a little bit to just reflect on how much we can truly learn from our own history. And that can be enough for a lot of people in a lot of ways. Just want to send you some love for doing the work and for sharing it
Peaches Puddled
@PeachesTee · 4:03

@dobbsty Thank you and wish you all the best that life may bless you with. #wellwishes #positivity #surroundedbygood #thingsworthobtaining #lifeislife

Hi, Dobbs. Thank you so much for your response. Yeah, and my apologies for my late response. That's something else that I'm still actively working on, is to follow up, follow through and consistency. But it's something that I'm not giving up on. That's what life is about, just keeping on, keeping going and, you know, practice, practice, practice, still practicing and still trying and stuff