Larissa Ach
@pdiddy · 1:16

Feminism in society and media. Thoughts, comments, opinions?

Let's talk about feminism and the negative aspects and the positive aspects. Feminism in society and media thoughts portrayal simple. I want to know your opinions on the subject of feminism. What comes up in your mind when you hear I'm a feminist or the feminism act or being feminism? I meant being feminist. I'm not good at public speaking, which is why I'm on here an app about public speaking

Feel free to say anything as long as it is respectful.

Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 4:54

Feminism, gender-identity, & ecofeminism 🌳

I know that that is not everyone's definition when even you go through and study, like the history of feminist thought and women's studies and stuff. But that is what I mean when I say I am a feminist, especially because I am someone that is biologically a woman. But my gender identity is non binary and I use the pronouns they and she though I lean more towards experiencing myself as a gender, not necessarily any particular gender
Matthieu Hallieu
@Matthew.procNEW · 1:31

More caring more kind and fair, cooperative. Male , Female, Non-binary

Well, Rachel, I really liked what you said about feminism and the relationship between feminism and the way it's portrayed and what people think based on maybe the simplest stick idea that the same media does put forth. Of course, they're not entirely the reason. It's a lot of people that have preconceived notions, but those can always change, and they change constantly and the media can be more informed
Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 4:31

Long, convoluted, non-answer, answer!

Women are not treated equally in the sense of like for the same job, they're not getting paid the same amount for doing the same job. So things like that I want to see in feminism. I want to see that kind of equality, but at some point I would like to see the colors and the shades of, well, a woman so and so is a woman versus so and so is a man. Because if we throw that away, then we're painting everyone with one broad brush