An orange in the basket of apples

And me, because I failed as a mother, I failed to protect my daughter. We found another school, and the timid girl who couldn't answer simple math questions got into one of the top hundred universities of the world. Nord of India. One of the top hundred universities of the world. I was so proud, I sent a basket filled with apples with an orange on the top to the principal

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Geetha Kariappa
@angelface7 · 3:15
Why should any child by heart these dates of the wars that happened in history and why so much of emphasis on these questions, interview questions where little children are made to go through this rigorous interview. And it is something that instead of focusing on the practical life skills like critical thinking, emotional intelligence, et cetera, which will prepare the students for the real world
Payal Shandil Gupta
@Payal_Shandil · 1:25


Good morning. And to get such a validation from a teacher herself. You've made my day. I. I cannot say more, other than I agree with you. 120% or 200%, that, you know, there are critical thinking, emotional intelligence. These are the skills where we kids need to focus