We will do all the work. Now she should get off the chair immediately. The meeting continued. The new leader stumbled a couple of times and seemed uncomfortable in the chair. A couple of party members stepped closer to the chair to hear her better, but she continued. She knew the responsibility placed on her shoulders and was determined to do the job and not to break the trust of people. What is this nonsense? The older man roared when she asked him a question

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You. The way you are explaining the voice, the style, the tone, very impressive and expressions are there, easy language and good explanation. People must connect and voice is sweet and a really great
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You. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am working on bringing expression and improving my intonation these days. So it's encouraging to see somebody's noticed. And please, if there is any feedback, do share. I would love to improve. Thank you so much and see you around. Bye
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Thank you so much payal, for sharing this with us. With practice, with experience, one does gain a lot of strength and things start changing around you. And you have very beautifully depicted this in this prose that you have shared with us. Thank you so much for sharing this. Have a lovely day. Bye
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Always stay strong because it's not the number of people around you shows your strength, it's your confidence on you shows how strong you are. Most of the time what happens is we rely upon people around us to exhibit our strength but true strength lies within us not within the people around us. So that is a big lesson that I have learned through this well that you have posted. Thank you so much pile. Keep posting
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