Brandon Neal
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What do you know about Demons?

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And so I am posing this question to those out there in swell who may have had experience with demons or the spirit realm, or those who might have been a part of a deliverance ministry, those who might have been a part of a place where they considered themselves to be able to cast out demons. I want to know what your opinion is. This is for Christians and non Christians. This is for anybody who has any experience or any thought on the matter

As I do my dissertation, I am looking to hear about peoples stories about demons. Do you think they are real? Or are they a figment of imagination?

J l Moore
@jmoja · 3:22

#spirits # supernatural #demoniac forces

Because a lot of times we go too deep. And then if you hadn't read the word or backed it up with scripture, then somebody going to come back and say, well, that's too deep for me. I can't neal but sometimes you have to keep it a little bit on the surface so everybody can be able to come in. Everybody can have a better understanding, because sometimes you may come home from work. You got a spirit on you
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