Why do you like our PM?

I was laughing when I reached there thinking we came here to see jungley donkeys. Oh really? But his vision was not that. What I realized was we were taken to the place through roads. The roads were smooth. No jerks. Not even a single jerk. We were also made to visit Nomad market there which was instructed to every tourist vehicle to stop over. So that those nomads can also earn their living by selling beads product. Now indirectly or directly he wanted to convey the message

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Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 1:13
And that is what is giving so many other people, several people jitters to see that the progress that the country is making. And India will definitely be the number one country very soon under his leadership. And he has definitely put in so much hard work and his vision is unimaginable and it's beyond compare. So I definitely like him and respect him a lot