Love Yourself.. You are your priority !

After that void of not having their mother around yeah, that is the life. So the point I'm trying to make over here is that we women, we try to give up our everything just for attending our family. It is important. But self love is also important. Pampering yourself is also important. Had it been she had a cook, she had a 24/7 attendant for her mother in law earlier, she would have been a lot of time for herself

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 4:36
And I think there has also been this social construct where women, even if we take some time for ourselves, some way or the other, it makes us feel at times a little guilty that maybe I should have been doing something else. But I think, again, things are changing with time. And today there is so much positivity about self love. And the fact that women have been always conditioned to sacrifice is being recognized and is being pointed out and also spoken about in order to change that
Pallavi Dang
@Pallavi_Story · 0:39


I appreciate your reply Aishani. That's really nice of you. Of listening to my entire note and then reverting on it. And I really believe that we can make out some space, some time for ourselves as well as this. Me time is any which way is going to help us keep a balance between us and our family. And yes, this is the way we keep moving on. This is life. It keeps moving on even if somebody is with us or not