"Lets Keep Talking" Ep. 2 - Vulnerability, is Good or Bad ?

Or is it good to be very secretive that if we don't want to share about people, share to people about ourselves, what is going to happen to after 1 hour, even if we have spent the entire day with them? Or the things that I am telling you about is very impulsive

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Abhishek Haridasan
@harryrockerz · 4:54

Waiting for the completion of the entire swell, however thanks for bringing this topic to the fore!

And of course, platforms like swell allow you the opportunity to draw a line, if necessary, between sharing too much or sharing very less, or the best part, being silent when you don't want to say anything. Thankfully, there is no artificial intelligence around that. Thank you, God for that. However, I know there are a lot of scientists and technology enthusiasts who will be waiting for something like this, and that is where voice recognition comes into the picture
Pallavi Dang
@Pallavi_Story · 0:41


Hey Harry, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. That was really nice of you for promptly answering and giving your point of view. Because, yes, you are absolutely right that we all suffer from this dilemma whether to share this information or not. And we are intelligent enough to know when to share. But yes, sometimes we go off board, sometimes we suffer. Sometimes we think that it's good that we have shared this thing with the other person to lighten our heart
Abhishek Haridasan
@harryrockerz · 1:32

@Pallavi_Story Thanks for the reswell!

And that's purely because of the trust that we have in people. Of course, over the next few years or over the entire lifetime, you tend to realize that you don't need 100 friends. You need that trusted four or five people who can sometimes be your friends, sometimes can be individuals from office. So let's keep respecting people for the fact that they want to be part of a social construct. It
Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 2:07
And definitely, I think if you're with a close family friend, somebody you know, you can trust, you can be vulnerable. That's my take on it. So I would love to hear from you. Take care. Bye
Pallavi Dang
@Pallavi_Story · 2:52
And in this age, when we are in 2024, there are so many things that can be misused which could be our social footprints via our social footprints or via our network, where we are going, where we are sitting, or a continuous routine if we have. So yeah, to some extent, we can't avoid being vulnerable. And yes, we should keep that privacy and not let it breach. But to what extent we can be vulnerable? Or what are the signs?
Neha Dondapati
@neha_97 · 4:59
You may be doing well in life, but because of your vulnerability, and they know what their vulnerability is, they gonna use that against you like a weapon
Neha Dondapati
@neha_97 · 1:23
How evil people are or how negative people are or how, I don't know, like the extent to which people can go to destroy someone is just mind blowing to be honest. So yeah, that's why I do not share vulnerability with everyone now