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Hello, everyone. Please check the Aztecs and my profile and let me know. Which topic do you want me to talk on? I would be happy to show you the knowledge which I have gained. Thank you

#Startup #stock #farming

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Classic Cupcake
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Hey. Hi. First of all, welcome on Swell. And, yeah, I guess we would love to listen to whatever you have to share you would love to share with us. I personally would like to hear about what you have to say regarding startups, because that's a hashtag I can see right now. So, yeah. And welcome once again. I'm totally looking forward to hearing more from you
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Hey, thank you. Classic cupcake. Startup is a very vast topic, so if there's anything in specific, I would be very happy to answer it. So, basically, I do help startups or any anyone who has an idea for a startups and they are in the ideation stage, so brainstorming the idea or preparing a pitch deck to talk to the VCs or angel investors, outrage funds or how to find a cofounder. So is there anything specific? Probably
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