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Why do we act the way we do? | Inherited Monster | #Poetry | #orphicparacosm

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This poem is generally about the cycle of unhealthy patterns that our parents adopted from their parents and we adopted from them. No particular habit or behavior has been touched upon. The focus is on how does it feel to deal with these unknown patterns? So here we go with the poem. There's a chain of sadness, a stream of hurt passing on from me to my beloved. I hate myself for being a part of it, but I too received it from someone above

A #poem about the cycle of adopted patterns that transfer throughout the generation. #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell

Swati Sharma
@Swatiselflove · 1:18
Hi there. That was a beautiful description. That was a beautiful way you have portrayed the bad inside all of us, that we all go through so many times in our lives. And we do realize it, that we are being engulfed by this negative, this monster around us
Uchi. Uchita Galaiya
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But yeah, at least our perception becomes wider and wider as we get more awareness and more of the things that how to deal with it or else what will be the consequences of it. So we can plan them ahead and at least we can subdue them. Also I really like the poem and hoping to meet you more in further future and please share with us the beautiful poetries and all the poems. So yeah, I really liked it and thank you very much for posting this. Keep it up
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Himanshi Thakur
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So, yes, it is about breaking the cycle. It is about realizing what you have inherited from your parents, from their parenting, and having some empathy towards them also and towards yourself also. And how can I correct those behavior? It is the main question that we should ask ourselves and what is the solution to it? How to not let our children and our offsprings be a victim to the same sort of negative and toxic behavior
Hema Sinha
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You. Hello, ma'am or Bhavoko Bhavna koapna bhasunda tarikes hair. Both achitarikesi hame Likar sunatirahe or hame apki or Vipomska. And thank you so much
Orphic Paracosm
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@Swatiselflove #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell #orphicparacosm

And, yeah, you said it in a beautiful way, that once we recognize these patterns, it becomes easier to control, to have a control over our behavior or a life, in short, if not entirely, then to some extent. So, yeah. Thank you
Orphic Paracosm
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@Feather #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell #orphicparacosm

Hello. Hi. Thank you so much for replying to this. Well, and I agree with you that once we recognize these patterns, it becomes easier to plan ahead. And I'm really glad to know that you're interested in listening to other poems of mine. So it's really a great thing for me. Thank you. And I'll try to share more. Thank you
Orphic Paracosm
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@GreyMatter #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell #orphicparacosm

Hi. Thank you so much for such beautiful words. I'm really glad to hear that. And, yeah, you well said that it's about breaking the cycle, not letting it pass on to the next generation. And that's a truly great concern that we all should focus upon. So thank you
Orphic Paracosm
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@HemaSinha1978 #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell #orphicparacosm

Hello, ma'am subsipelle. Thank you so much. Kyapna is kavita kosona or Samja majabhata chalaga donohi achilagi so thank you. Or may puri kush karungi kim agahi or Tara taraki vishamita liko or onisha. Thank you
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