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Devil: An Unsolved Puzzle | #Poetry | #orphicparacosm

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Sometimes such kind of magic happens in reality as well. People change with time at different rate. And sometimes this change is so profound that it becomes incredibly hard to decide how to respond to it. So here I present you devil an devil unsolved Puzzle poetry filled with dilemmas, confusions, pain and with a touch of healing. So here we go. I was a rose with red and black petals. A tiny drop, so pure but unsettled. My light bones were perfect in itself

A #poem about a change that challenged the definetions of good and bad. #buly #bullying #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell #orphicparacosm

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Hi. Good evening. This is Feather. And first of all, my apologies that I've listened Your Swell very late as I was not feeling well and then got busy with some things. But, yeah, I just listened to Your Swell, and it's very, very beautiful, very wonderful and very interesting poetry. I really liked it and hoping to listen more from you with such more beautiful and wonderful poetries. So, till then, keep posting, keep swelling
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#reply #collegevoiceindia #poetsofswell #swellcast #orphicparacosm

Hi. Thank you so much for listening to this well and for applying to it. And you don't need to apologize. It's absolutely fine. I understand that we all have our own work pressure, and it's absolutely fine. And it means a lot that you took time to listen to this well and for applying as well. So thank you so much. And, yeah, I'll try to be more active and post, more swells, more poetries and yeah, thank you
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