@OnceUponADay · 4:07

Check Engine- short story- Pt 2

There it was, the sigh, and it was gone, just like they all had become. The end. That story means a lot to me for a whole variety of reasons, but I think sometimes we all feel at least a little bit trapped in the lives we have. So much so that we can't see what exists in the world if we can't get out of where we are

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:25
Wow. I just. I just really love your stories and how concise and clear they are. It's. I mean, it's a fascinating medium to me. I am incapable of limiting my word count efficiently. It's something I'm working on, but. Wow. Your stories are just. They're just very elegant. And I loved the ending to this one especially. Thank you so much for sharing
Marc Sander
@MarcS1971 · 2:16
Good morning. Alright. Finished the story. Finished part two. Yeah, that was good. Good ending. I really like how you wrap up a story. Always makes me feel satisfied. That was definitely well worth the listen. And you have a tendency to pick really interesting themes. And I like how afterwards you were talking about giving your insight into it. I thought that was really helpful how you talked about how sometimes we get stuck and we can't see what's out there in the world