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Oscar K
@OKRL · 2:40

How does music make you feel the way it does?

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Something I've really been curious about recently as I make music and listen to music and obviously makes me feel a certain way and certain songs make me feel certain emotions and feelings. But I've been curious as to why that is as sort of efforts that the music sort of. Does it trigger or bring out emotions in me or does it sort of represent or portray emotions that I listen to and in turn, maybe adopt and feel? And it's been challenging


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Noa Lily
@Noalily · 2:17
I'm sure everyone feels this, but I don't know. Music is a very important space in my life. And it's always been something that just kind of tells me how I'm feeling. And I use music literally to, like, regulate my emotions. But that being said, I've never really thought about whether music is bringing out emotions that I'm already feeling or whether it's kind of, like creating emotions
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Chloe Kaminskas
@chlomonsta · 2:18
And yeah, I'm just glad that in my 1st 19 years, I was able to listen to so many great songs because now when I'm older and showing my kids good songs, they'll just be such good songs. I mean, in my opinion. But yeah. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. And I love this topic
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