My very first public performance | (*≧∀≦*)

And I was so happy about it that I started to actually go into thinking more till my throat actually blocked me out. But that's another story. Anyway, so coming back to the song. You took me and turned out the light? Kept me safe and sound at night. Little girls depend on things like that. Brush my teeth and comb my hair? Had to dry me everywhere you were always there when I look back. You had to do it all alone?

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Rakesh Kumar
@RakeshKumar2023 · 0:44
I became very happy when you told your first experience. When you were singing in front of a big crowd, many people were there and even your parents didn't believe that you are doing that. So it was very innocent and you were telling your first experience. And after, when you started singing, I was lost in your singing and beautifully you sang the song. So I'm really impressed and I really liked the song
Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:03
That's nice. Thank you for sharing. Take care. Bye