Smoke Medicine Opening & Closing Sessions

And I didn't use sage so much because you clear away the good energy with the bad energy when you use a lot of sage. And you should always follow sage with something sweet, preferably sweet grass if you have it, or lavender, because lavender is really good for homes or bringing things back to peaceful relaxation. So after being in this apprenticeship, I was like, okay, I'm going to try doing smoke before and after and see if that does anything

In this post I talk about using resins, herbs, and tobacco for energetic hygiene and focusing the intention for the healing. #smoke #smudging #massage

Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 2:28
Sometimes I'll say a little energy clear in prayer and be like, please take away that which isn't mine, that which I don't need all of that. So I have a lot of different ways of doing so, and sometimes it is using actual physical tools like sage or polisanto or Michelinite
Micheala San
@NouriEnergi · 4:53

@MarleyMusarra #waystocleanse #movement #breathwork #intention

It would be super powerful and people would remember you because you chose to use that as a way to drop everything they brought with them. And it's powerful to say like, okay, so I'm Marley and I like to have everyone drop everything they brought in with them. So we're going to kind of shake it out. We're going to kind of do a movement
Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:40
Yes, I really appreciate this conversation and really like the idea of using shaking and movement as a cleansing because that is so helpful for me in my own practice. And I also when I know I'm somewhere where I can't use smoke to clear, I will bring my spray of Florida water. I'm not sure if either of you are familiar with that. Or I'll make a mixture of different essential oils, like rose oil is really good
Micheala San
@NouriEnergi · 4:55

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I think that's a great idea. Instead of Florida water. And some of my healing communities like buying those bottles of Florida water. There are quite a few people in my healing community where they make their own and they make it out of what's growing in their own gardens, like what was the excess, and then they make their own Florida water with some of those herbs. I have a friend where she has her own blend, and it's so powerful
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 2:24
But in terms of my end of my day routine, I end it with more affirmations, more prayer. And I kind of thank myself for or express gratitude to the universe, god myself for the productive task I had completed for the day and make a plan for anything that I didn't get to for the next day. And then I go to sleep
Micheala San
@NouriEnergi · 4:50

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And you have to go slow or you'll burn the candle out. And if it points, if the flame points and says, hey, stop here, then you would stop there. Let the flame do what it does and then move down the body until you get to the end. And what you do is as you're sweeping your body with that flame, you make sure you're envisioning it, getting front and back, clearing front and back simultaneously
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 1:32


Hi, is JL. Good morning. I listened to your response yesterday, and I meant to press reply to say thank you. I actually incorporated the and thank you for taking time to kind of go into more detail about the moving, shedding energy. So I actually tried it yesterday evening, did my whole evening nighttime routine. And then I was like, okay, well, now let me actually try this whole shaking thing or dusting off any negativity or energy
Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:45
And JL, the movement and shaking, for me, was really powerful during quarantine time when I was really struggling and I started doing ecstatic dance. A friend of mine used to hold extended dances online, I think, on the full moon. And it helped so much to let go of all that I was holding, so I continued that practice as well. And I need to do it more, but I would just put on whatever music feels good and just move however I want
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:23


Thank you so, so much for this thoughtful and informative response. I feel like I really was able to just, like, conjure up a lot of ideas as you were sharing. And I do do so much of my own shaking and shedding work almost always before I do my own personal yoga san practice and movement practice. I almost always really sound out of my mouth and purify in that way and do deep clearing breaths and loud, like, all of that
Micheala San
@NouriEnergi · 0:35

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I think that's awesome. JL keep trying different things and letting us know how they come about for you. Because I think once you start doing cleansing work, you've got to diversify, because you don't know what kind of energies are out there. So you got to diversify and have other go to when your usual doesn't work. So I'm excited to hear what else you come up with
Micheala San
@NouriEnergi · 0:20

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Hello? Yes, I love it. I love it. I love hearing about all of the different ways that you are moving through your own cleansing practices. I can't wait to hear about your Florida water. Let me know
Micheala San
@NouriEnergi · 3:30

@MarleyMusarra #soundtherapy #cleansingwithsound #bija

Oh, yes. I would love that. So have you ever thought about, like, in Kundalini yoga, they do the cryos and an Ayurvedic medicine, they do the Kryas, which are cleansing movements and breaths, right? So maybe even doing some sounds and some facial or some grounding was like when we were taught in my yoga teacher training, we were taught the warrior poses through shock tea, being in her avatar and falling in love with Shiva as a human. Right
Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 0:36
So yeah, thank you for all of that. I'm going to have to look up these creation sound features, I think you called them. I actually haven't heard of those before. So excited to see what's up with that