Touch Rites in Massage

And I will tell you, probably 70 or 80% of my clients, we have, like, a great rapport. Like, we're really good friends. And that makes me feel so honored to be able to create that for my clients and in turn, for them to feel like I'm a friend. And that is how I use consent and touch right within my sessions. Thank you for listening to neurie Energy

I talk about how I honor consent during my sessions with my clients. #consent #touch #touchrites #massage #hey #comfy

Chelsea Hanawalt
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Hi. Thank you so much for sharing about your work and for bringing up this really important topic, even when you're getting a massage, how important it is to have consent. I really appreciated this. I haven't gotten a massage in a long time, and you reminded me I probably should. And I'd love to hear more about the ancestral healing in massage work. I've done different rituals and workshops where we've done some ancestral work, but I've never heard about it with massage
Micheala San
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Thank you for listening aloud. The sun, that is a beautiful handle. So with ancestral healing, therapeutic touch, or massage, is part of it. With almost every indigenous culture, it is part of the healing process. And I think because we've commercialized massage, we forget that the roots of where massage came from was indigenous to how the first peoples healed themselves. And I'm not just talking about Native Americans or Africans or Mayan Inken aztec peoples
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Chelsea Hanawalt
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Hi. Thank you so much for your reply. And it's just such a so beautiful, and I didn't know that, but it makes sense, and I feel like our society now think we're lacking a touch, and so it's just such important work that you're doing, and I just appreciate you sharing what you know on here. Thank you again. I hope you're having a great day. Bye