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Favorite milk


"…Hey, swell, just wondering, what is your favorite version of milk nowadays? Since there are so many versions of milk, mine would be almond milk, but sometimes oat, milk.…"


Kirsten Paul

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"…Nolan, these veins. Mine is oat milk as well. I actually like the taste of it. Not the favorite, not a friend of almond milk, but I love the taste of oat milk, but more importantly, for me. So I just don't want to use so much damage. Cause of climate change. Yay.…"

Oat milk

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Michael J.

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"…I vote for Oat milk as well. Almond milk uses too much water to make that's. What? That's the problem with that one? I think they say one gallon per almond, which sounds insane. But maybe that's what it takes. But Oat milk is insanely good. And we amazingly good in coffee. It pretty much tastes like regular milk. To me. It's.…"

Favorite milk

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