Nolan S

@nolanstanley·1yr ago·0:26

Maintenance require light!

Notes to SelfAdvice

"…Hello, everyone. I was on a short road trip today, and I noticed the maintenance required light go on in the Prius that I drive. And at first I thought, oh, God, the car is going to explode. I need to pull over now. But after some researching, I realized that it just means that you need to redo your oil. Happens every 5000 miles. So quick tip to anyone that doesn't know anything about cars just like me.…"

Michael J.

@goatea · 1yr ago · 0:14

"…Good point, Nolan. We talked about this on the phone, but, yeah, you're right. I think it's just a blanket general warning regarding oil, but it reminds me we should change the oil on that Prius.…"

Change oil


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