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I Am Sorry!

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Hi. Let's do something different today. Let's walk up to the mirror looking into our eyes and say these four sentences. First, I am sorry. Second, please forgive me. Third, it thank you. Fourth, I love you. Why these four sentences? I'm sorry because of the entire world outside. I made you suffer. I made you cry. I made you feel bad and weak. Please forgive me because I seek forgiveness for hurting you

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Nikhil Kumar
@nikhil5155 · 1:37
Go handle Karakta sama sakta her situation may kushvira because there's a lot of things so thank you so much for sharing with us. You know, coffee chala ramjawa and coffee unique pita and thank you so much
Nishtha Saxena
@Nishtha07 · 1:50
Isn't it the longest time and guess the longest relationship that we will ever have is with ourselves. So we should love ourselves. We should appreciate what God has gifted us with. We should take care of ourselves and we should always talk to ourselves with positivity and with thankfulness and with lots of love and respect. Let that sun shine within. So, yeah, thank you again. Thank you, Nicole. I really appreciate your swell, your reply swell. So, yeah, thanks a lot
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