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So I came across this keyboard where I felt it really fascinating when I saw it was built for me and I literally was playing it in a very rhythmic way, and I really loved it. And it's a very nice medicine, actually, to be precise. It was a great thing that happened to me till now. And I still feel like when I travel. Also, I just put down some music. Music is an essential for everyone. I feel this

Music is life

Sahana L D
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Hi Nikhil Chandra hope you are doing good. I'm the second category person who loves to listen to music always when I'm feeling down thank you for sharing this post
Nikhil Chandra
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Thank you so much. Thank you for replying. I am so happy getting a reply from you. I hope you'll be doing great and the same we are. We always continue. We listen to music and we always have it as a stress Buster. And I hope you will be all the time reducing your stress by managing and stress by just listening to music. I hope you'll be doing great. Take care, take care of your health. Thank you so much. You're
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Welcome to Swell!

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Yeah. That's so true, because music is just not something like it's part of everyone's life. Hearing a good music or a good song can really change your mood. I agree with that
Nikhil Chandra
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Yeah. Whatever you said is absolutely correct. I agree with you. And thanks for listening. Thank you so much, Nisha