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harsh draveriya
@niceday100 · 2:12

Metro Romance

Good morning everyone I am host Draveriya from Delhi basiu Ana Safari
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Nikita Arora
@The_gyaaniKeeda · 0:23
Hi. Harsh. You just explained the struggles of being singer in your entire recording. I don't relate to that to some extent, but OK. And you know, so I just remembered that meme. God, this is so funny. Keep going. What's
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Priyal Kedia
@priyalkedia024 · 0:21
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Aishwarya Sunil
@aishwaryasunil_ · 0:31
Hi Harsh. I can't help but wonder if I've caught you in a moment of single anger which is what I call the anger that single people have. But yeah, honestly I understand single and I get really annoyed on the Metro when people are just huddled together and coupling and showing up some PDA. I would hope for the sake of all the lonely people out there that they keep it to a minimum. But honestly they are so in love they probably don't care about the rest of us
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