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Nia verma
@nehas.writes · 1:15

The journal of Book Reading

Today I'm just going to give you a small review regarding how to read a book. Basically, sometimes it's like we just want to read a book just to go through different aspects of life and know someone else life or just know few things by the point of view of other people. But the correct way of reading a book is that you should indulge in the book

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@Kavya._gopal · 3:53


This is something I read once about a person saying when she first reads the book she just reads the book in the sense to understand what is going on, type reading how we all read. And the second time, she reads the words to appreciate the words that the author is used to convey what the author wants to say. Like one word after the close reading of the text. So first time she just reads it for the story, and the second time she reads it for the words
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