Neha Hegde
@nehahegde · 2:09

#DecodingDiplomacy | What can the youth of India do about the growing unemployment problem...

And this is not most people's fault, because we don't have access to the right education and we don't have access to the right skills. And this is because while there are opportunities, there aren't enough ways to bridge the gap between the skills we have and the skills we want. And as the youth of this country, what we can do is that we can help each other achieve our goals better

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 1:38
Hey, Neha, I absolutely agree with you that opportunities are very much contingent upon how much accessibility you have been able to gain when it came to education or, you know, opportunities for growth and so on. And that eventually leads to work opportunities, employment opportunities, and especially in a world that is becoming more and more polarized each day, where, you know, we are seeing the advent of AI and everything