Neha M
@neha_munje · 3:52

Burnt Out by dodie

But it's really interesting that both the songs that I chose by the same artist are the same musical style, instrumental format. Yeah. I really like the song because the song is pretty sad. So it's done in a minor key, but then in the chorus, it says, but they love you and it's like, a lot happier. So she switches it to a major key, and I really like the way it's done
@sylvar · 0:27
I really like this. You're so good at singing. And I never heard this song before, but I just I really like how there's low tones and there's like, these low depressing tones, but it kind of switches up in the chorus. And I feel like you really encounter that in the way that you sung it. So that was really good. And I hope to see more singing coverage in the future because you're just so talented. And I really love your voice
Rud S
@rudash · 0:32
But when it so well, there was not a hint of, like, it was just perfection. Complete perfection. I loved it so much. Thank you for posting us honestly. Every time you post, like, a singing cover, anything like that, I get so happy because your voice is so perfect. And I don't know why no one else would be jealous. Everyone should be, because it's so good. So thank you so much for sharing