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Moving an object without contact possible?

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has uncovered a way to manipulate objects using ultrasound waves, paving the way for contactless movement in industries like manufacturing and robotics without the need for an internal power source. The findings have been published in the peer reviewed journal Nature Communication. While it's been demonstrated before that light and sound waves can manipulate objects, the object have always been smaller than the wavelength of the sound or light or on the order of millimeters to nanometers respectively

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So this gives us a new mechanism to contactlessly acquitate things. So shaping contactless radiation forces through animal is acoustic scattering. So the study was funded by the Manslaughter Robotics Institute and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. So tell me guys, so tell me guys, and do you know this fact earlier that we can move object without contact? I think most of you doesn't know about this, but yeah, now you know it. So thank you for listening as well and yeah, bye