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Neal Damiano

 · 2yr ago · 2:12
Review of the satirical horror comedy " Tonight She Comes" release 2016 . Skip this one!

"…Now I get they were trying to do something different here with this film, but unfortunately, what happens is the incoherence of the story falls out of control to the point of confusion. I really don't know what I just watched. There's several subplots within plots, but on some positive notes, it's beautifully shot with great cinematography, very high production value and nice set pieces and enough Gore to satisfy the gorehounds with decent kills. But the best thing really about this film is the poster art.…"

Film recommended to me. Wasted an hour and half of my life . Incoherent storyline with atrocious dialogue. Extremely unlikable characters.

Jeffrey Prete

 · 2yr ago · 3:00

"…It looks like, I don't know. The poster art is really cool. I got to tell you, I totally agree with that. But other than that, I don't know movies like this kind of annoy me. But let me know what you review. Review, review, review of the satirical horror comedy that's like a legit category. Or should that just kind of go away because I feel like it should. And you're like, mocking somebody's art.…"


Neal Damiano

 · 2yr ago · 3:48

"…There's a lot of great satirical horror comedies, which you mentioned, like Sean of the Dead. There's another zombie one called Stalled, which is funny, but they have to be good. And those are good films. Sean of the Dead was a great, funny, well written, structured story and film. It was entertaining. This film tonight she comes was not. And that's where they failed with the story telling process. And I watched films for the story.…"