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Neal Damiano

 · 1yr ago · 1:41
Paying homage to the one and only diabolical Biz Markie

"…He was my introduction to Kool G, Rap, Big Daddy, Cane and the Juice Crew. He was a DJ, a producer and a hip hop pioneer. And he will be sadly missed in the world of hip hop and music. Very influential figure. And I just want to say he brought hip hop to its purest lyrical form. But he added a sense of humor, humor, which was needed. So I want to say rest in power to the one and only enigmatic and creative Bismarcke.…"

Remembering one of the pioneering legends of hip hop, who sadly passed away . The enigmatic Biz Markie. Rest in power Biz !


Jeffrey Prete

 · 1yr ago · 1:06

"…What can I say, man? Bismarckeep a much needed comic relief to the whole hip hop community. And he was definitely down with all the New York people, so he had respect. But it just seemed time was like a goofball. But he was also a really good DJ. I know. Hung with the PC boys a lot. I think they're actually from the same Brooklyn neighborhood. If I'm not mistaken, but, yeah, I don't know, man. It's another one.…"

Neal Damiano

 · 1yr ago · 2:04

"…Man, if you're in a bad mood, just throw on some biz Marquis. Nobody beats the biz or picking boogers or just some of the funny rhymes he had just a friend and listen away and he was respected by all corners of the map and hip hop and he'll be sorely missed. Definitely in the hip hop community and in the music world in general. So rest and powerhouse or biz.…"


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15