Pratik Shrivastava
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Talking about racist { | ideologies | }

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If I am talking to someone, then I am judging them if they are eligible to talk to me. What I mean is if they actually understand what I speak, if they are below me in terms of knowledge, then I'll try to simplify everything and tell them. So it depends. You have to judge everyone, okay? And when the society prevails, then you have to judge. It's important. It's necessary

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tripti tripathi
@tripts23 · 0:18

Judging is not bad i believe… We all are judgemental at one point or another

I will not say I'm racist, but I think judging someone is not completely wrong. We all judge at one point or the other. So for me, it's completely fine judging someone, getting judged
Pratik Shrivastava
@Naphthaleneball · 1:50


And now you cannot find there is good in it or bad in it, or you can find good and bad in it, but you cannot find the amount of good or bad in it. So I disagree with this because that would leave us with a loophole, because then we won't be able to judge that person. Right? Like you said that you are fine with judging people and getting judged by them. I think it's important to judge people and getting judged by them
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