Empower your week: Sunday Scaries- Fun, Reflect, and Self Care

And we have heard this before, but what it means is really settle and take a moment of tranquility before the week kicks off. There are many ways to do self care. You can do meditation, you can do yoga, you can go walking, you can focus and read a book. It's an opportunity to unwind and reset by taking care of ourselves on Sunday, believe me, we better equipped to face whatever comes on Monday

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Ty Dobbs
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I think that being a business owner has transformed my life, and I know the lives of many other business owners has been transformed. So that's what I would say. Obviously it's a long play, it's a marathon, but if you start with baby steps, just doing more of what you love to do and discovering what you really love to do, and then maybe starting a business in it, who knows, maybe that'll just bring joy and you don't need to quit your job