Lui Lee
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Drawing Close To the Holy Spirit Part 1

Good morning. Our key verse come from Prophes 18 and two if fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. Topic drawing Close to the Holy Spirit it's essential in our walk with Christ to establish relationship with the Holy Spirit. Every Christian has the Holy Spirit, but the point of it all is do they use Him? Do they talk to him? Do they befriend him? We all have legs, but it doesn't mean we use them

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stephanie Thomas
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Amen. And thank you for that wonderful word
Gail Nobles
@GailN · 0:38
Hi, I'm Gail. I agree with everything you said. It's harder for the Holy Spirit to come in when even we are filled with burden and not putting our total trust in God. Sometimes, right in the middle of being on my iPad or doing something on the computer, I can hear the Lord, lord in my conscience, calling me to take time out to read and study his word. Keep on telling people about the Lord because it is needed
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Welcome to Swell!

stephanie Thomas
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Glory be to God. Amen
Lui Lee
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You're. Good morning. Thank you so much for your reply and I'm glad you enjoyed the devotional. And, yes, sometimes my conscience gets to me sometime and I think that shows how much we love God and how much we're in tune with the Holy Spirit. And I pray that you have a beautiful day. And I thank you for listening and thank you for your added words to the devil ocean. I pray you come back and listen to more. You have a blessed day